Your Career consultation

I work with a limited number of clients who are serious about making an immediate change in their career and investing in themselves.

I am one of the top 4 Master-Level Career Coaches and Résumé Writers within the International Association of Career Coaches because I’ve helped clients add $20K-60K to their base salary within months, not years.

I’ve helped 100+ clients land jobs from entry level to VP level within US, Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico, and Malaysia at companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Disney within tech and outside of tech. My average success rate is 88%. The remaining 12% are interviewing or decided to put a pause on their search due to illness.

Before booking a call with me, I encourage you to do your research and access my best free resources first:

1) If you are stuck identifying your ideal job or next career move, watch my Career Archetype LinkedIn live here

2) If you’re struggling with selling your experience in interviews, watch how I help my clients use Disney Techniques during my Storytelling LinkedIn Live here

3) If you hate your resume, watch this training here

4) You can find my talks on several podcasts and events: Scrum Alliance Talk, Product Voices, Women in the Arena. I also encourage you to subscribe to my youtube channel.

If after going through the resources above you feel that my approach resonates with you, then I’m happy to jump on a free consultation to answer your questions.

The goal of the consultation call is to assess where you are at in your career and determine if we are a fit working together.

Please note: This is not a coaching call. This is a call to determine if we are a fit working together. I don’t expect you to work for free, so please don’t expect me to do that either.

Lots of love,