Your executive coaching consultation

I offer training sessions and executive coaching to help you build more authority and attract better clients, so you feel more fulfilled in your business and career.


  • 4 training sessions (masterclass + executive coaching)
  • 60 min + 30 min Q&A
  • bonuses (videos, frameworks, templates, 1:1 audits, DFY/DIY)

1. Write Your Origin Story

No one cares about resumes or bios these days. People want to learn who you are and why you are the right person to help. Your story will help you get on stages, attract the right clients, and earn trust.

  • Founder’s Origin Story Framework
  • Templates of Origin Stories That Made $10M+
  • Free Audit of Your Origin Story

2. Build Your Ideal Client Avatar

People buy if they receive the right diagnosis. Every communication needs to speak to your IDEAL client pain points to get them to buy.

  • Customer Persona Template
  • Brand Voice Guide to Attract Your Ideal Client

3. Storytelling Mastery for Founders & Executives

  • 10 LinkedIn Post Templates for Executives Style Posts

4. LinkedIn Optimization Masterclass

  • Content Strategy Document
  • LinkedIn Profile Checklist (50+ Items)
  • LinkedIn Profile Revamp (DIY Canva Templates)
  • Free 1:1 LinkedIn Profile Audit