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I couldn’t be happier. I found one of the top studios in the world. I was lost in the fog of corporate America, not knowing how to present myself and how to interview and your help changed my life. I’m going to work with exactly the kind of people I want to be working with.

Heath (USA)
Agile Mentor, Miniclip

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You are going to gain friendships through the cohort. You’re going to engage with a coach who’s going to care about the outcome of your job hunt. You’re going to gain a lot of skills to help you to search for a job, find a job, and land a job.

Beth (USA)
Product Owner, American Express

Nada opened my eyes to the value of a skilled career coach; working with her was a dream come true. She intrinsically understood exactly what I needed in order to move forward in my career, and coached me through the steps I needed to take to begin my next chapter. Nada’s warm demeanor and gentle approach created a safe space for me to open myself up — she pushed me to do the work and offered valuable constructive criticism when needed. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to unleash their potential and achieve their ultimate career goals.

Elaine Michelle Thompson
(USA), Product Manager, Weave

Nada’s empathy and passion for what she does are just some of the many traits that make her a fantastic career coach. She reached out to me during a difficult time and offered to help me with my career path. Her insight is unparalleled and she is exceptionally knowledgeable on every topic, from taking advantage of LinkedIN to preparing a stellar resume. I highly recommend Nada!

Celeste Matthews
(Canada), Commercial Real Estate Lawyer at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

Nada walked me through career planning from start to finish. Her guidance on resume writing was phenomenal and really helped me identify my accomplishments and taught me how to describe them meaningfully and succinctly. The interview prep made me feel more confident going into interviews. Each step in the process was clearly communicated and Nada provided examples along the way. I would highly recommend her services!

Nicole Parker
(USA), Compliance Specialist l Program Coordinator l Strategy l Process Improvement
“I landed my dream job as a product manager!!”

I met Nada through our Advanced Product Management program at Product Faculty. From being a subject matter expert during our program to being a mentor, guide, coach and friend, my relationship has evolved with her. I consulted her services when my startups shut down and I needed guidance to really re-shape my profile. And she came through and I landed my dream job as a product manager!! She really inspires you to be the best version of yourself – personally and professionally. I really recommend anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves to work with her and she will help you achieve what you set out to be!

Siddharth Taneja
(Canada), Product Manager, Assurance | Data Analytics
"I worked with Nada for 6 weeks and it was an absolute delight!"

Nada was able to see right through me and bring out the hidden potential in me. She helped me in identifying my full potential and refocusing my career goals in the right direction. Her empathy and passion for helping her clients are incomparable. Within weeks, Nada taught me everything I needed to present myself better including resume writing, interview skills, and how to hold impactful conversations. I haven’t stopped receiving emails from top tech companies since working with Nada!

Suleiman Sadiq
(Canada), Senior Specialist Solutions Architect, Red Hat
"Because of Nada, I have successfully transitioned in my career, a feat I wasn't certain was even possible."

But that is her process to the core – she shows you your possibilities and then helps you get there, and land that dream role you never thought you’d have. I will forever be grateful to have engaged her services, for not only did I land my next job on the other side of a major career transition, but it was Nada who showed me what my professional life could really look like. She has an uncanny ability to see you not as a walking resume, but as a human being with a life of experiences, skills and abilities that could place you in nearly any industry. I am now where I want to be, and not a day goes by where I’m not grateful to her, never mind that the shock factor has never worn on that fact either…thanks to her.

Rachel Blackburn
(US), Learning Consultant, User Testing
“By the time she was done with me, I became a new man. I was able to get the job of my dream and desired pay.”

I met Nada when I was struggling to get interview during the Covid-19 period. Job search was different from what I was used to. Nada did a good job with the way she helped me navigate my career with her coaching methods. I was dedicated, she was committed, she loves what she does and she is good at it. By the time she was done with me, I became a new man. I was able to get the job of my dream and desired pay.

I will recommend her anytime and anyone will be lucky to have her.

Olayinka (John) Oladipo
(Canada), Agile Coach, CGI
“I appreciated that she challenged and motivated me to leverage the skills and experience that I already possessed so that I could land the Product Manager role I was shooting for - and it worked!”

Working with Nada was way more than just resume help. She was reliable and knowledgeable to talk through any question or even build back up my motivation after a slump in the hunt. She has a great set of materials to guide people towards identifying the right target job and (re) positioning themselves towards it, which significantly improved the response rate I was getting from applications. She also organizes a great community of peers and past clients who form an excellent support group in the job hunt process.

Colin Brown
(Canada), Product Manager, Loblaw Digital

After working with Nada, I have accepted a new position doubling my salary and 3 separate offers, every interview I’ve been on I was the top candidate and I am still being contacted multiple times a day by recruiters. She is the real deal and her process works! Before I met Nada, I was determined to switch roles from customer service into coaching as a scrum master. Out of frustration and ambition I began reaching out to people aimlessly. I didn’t even know what a career coach was but after one conversation, I realized she was the missing piece I needed to prepare me for my journey as an agilist. Hiring her has been one of the best decisions I’ve made to establish my career.

Brandon El
(USA), Scrum Master, USAA
“I signed up with Nada on January 9th and I received my first of 2 job offers on March 22. I chose to accept the second offer.”

Before signing up with Nada, I was going weeks with no positive response, starting to second guess my own worth – wondering whether I am good enough, whether it isn’t better to just take any job to get by.

Nada’s words of encouragement and the lessons inspired me and others in the cohort to see the greatness in ourselves – through practical exercises, such as the process of examining how we got to where we are, and identifying and re-living our personal and work achievements and then using that knowledge to spur us into believing in ourselves and channeling that confidence and knowledge into our interviews.

Investing in this program was a wise investment in myself and my family’s future.

Tatika Anderson
(Canada), Business Systems Analyst, CIBC
“In less than four months she’s changed my life. I discovered what I should be doing with my career and I am now an agile transformation consultant.”

I always wanted to go into consulting but I didn’t think I had enough experience. I was a jack of all trades and spent most of my career in publishing. Nada became a cheerleader for me and gave me the confidence to apply for jobs that I would have been too afraid to apply for and prove to myself that I am good enough. My crowning moment was when the HR lady said to me it is rare to get such all round positive feedback about a candidate in terms of building rapport with employers, clearly explaining my experience, and pulling it all together in a narrative that clearly made sense to employers. I ended up getting a job as an agile transformation consultant at PA Consulting!

Amy Wright
(UK), Agile Transformation Consultant, PA Consulting

Job Seekers Like You Who’ve
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Case Studies For The Career Transformation Program

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How Elaine Landed THREE 6-Figure
Product Manager Offers in 1 Week


Elaine was trying to move away from project management but was having a hard time figuring out how to navigate that change. Her job became more toxic and unbearable. It got to the point where she was doubting herself after getting rejections. She got so depressed she dreaded going back to work the next day.


“The way you showed me how to write resumes felt like it was straight from God, basically. And one thing I loved in the end after creating the interview stories was having them, which took a huge anxiety burden so I didn’t have to think on the spot anymore. I also felt like I had this support group that that never existed before of people who knew exactly how I was feeling…it just felt like I had friends I never had before” 


Elaine got three 6-figure product manager offers in 1 week. She landed at Weave and increased her salary by 40%.

How Salia Landed Her First UX Role
Right Out of Design School


“I graduated with honors. I was one of the top performers in the program but I still couldn’t land a job. So I started cold calling people on Linkedin, including career coaches but no one understood what I needed. It was hard to stand out as a designer because it’s easy to become one and you definitely need help to figure out how to stand out among the crowd. It’s not something they teach you in your design school.”


“It felt like having a fairy godmother that knew the language I needed to use to get these roles. Having someone to talk to about things you don’t know how to do like how many hours after an interview should I send a thank you note. Someone to talk you off the ledge a few times. And just hearing other people walk through scenarios and answer interview questions ends up being like immersion therapy and having that accountability. That’s a piece of it.”


Salia landed her dream job as a Learning Experience Designer at TeusdayAfternoon Media Inc.

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How Zaur Landed his 6-Figure Agile Transformation Role Without Canadian Experience


“I’ve been doing enterprise level agility and digital transformation for over 7 years. My expectation coming to Canada was to be prepared to start at a junior level because I didn’t have Canadian experience and that it would take time”


“This program helped me understand where I see myself because I was previously ready to pick up just any job that’s in the agile industry. I realized I’m a better fit for consulting and helping organizations with agile transformations. The other transformation was believing in myself, while being vulnerable yet courageous and brave. And it wasn’t just getting jobs but building a community around myself and making friends so I would not feel alone.”


Zaur landed his 6-figure salary role at Slalom Senior Consultant in Agile & Digital Transformation without previous Canadian experience.

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Ready To Be My Next Success Story?

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Recognized As One Of
The Best Career Coaches In The Industry

“Thank you Nada for your insights and
consulting. We are very excited about
our certification program and know
it will be top-notch because of
your help.”

Nada Buhendi delivered exceptional advice to the International Association of Career Coaches to help us design a new certification program for senior résumé writers. Thank you Nada for your insights and consulting. We are very excited about our certification program and know it will be top-notch because of your help. Thank you!

Cara Heilmann,

CEO at Ready Reset Go
President at International Association of Career Coaches
Member of Forbes Coaches Council

“Not only was it a pleasure to work with Nada during preparations leading up to the event, but I was also impressed with her commitment to our community.”

Nada was one of the speakers at an event my organization planned centered on Launching Agile Careers. Not only was it a pleasure to work with Nada during preparations leading up to the event, but I was also impressed with her commitment to our community. During the event Nada went out of her way to help attendees access helpful information and resources for their career development. She was a knowledgeable and engaging speaker and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again!

Tanya Nascimento,

Global Education Events Specialist at Scrum Alliance