Searching for My Sweet Spot

November 2018, I text my boss, “I quit.”

35 years old. Female immigrant with a six-figure salary in tech.
Leadership position at a top consulting firm. Great boss.
And on my way to an executive position.

November 2018, I text my boss, “I quit.”

35 years old. Female immigrant with a six-figure salary in tech.
Leadership position at a top consulting firm. Great boss.
And on my way to an executive position.

But I was unhappy. I felt empty, like a robot.

My parents groomed me for Straight A’s, prestigious schools, dedication to work,
and corporate ladder climbing. I worked weekends; I worked till midnight. I traveled continuously for 15 years.

And truth be told, I didn’t understand the concept of enjoying my work or even my life.

But I started wanting more…

When I texted my boss, “I quit,” it was partly because of office politics. 
But more deeply, because I never felt like I was in my zone of genius.

I wanted to find a career in my sweet spot.

After quitting I was scared.

It was the first time I’d ever left a job without already having a new job secured.

Scared of not finding a job.

Scared of not figuring out what job I would love.

Scared of running out of money.

Then my fears came true.

For the first time, I kept getting rejected from one interview to another.
For two months!

I’d never been out of a job. Not for a DAY.

So out of desperation, I resorted to contractor 
work; a lot of Agile coaching.

And I hired a career coach.

Throughout 2019, while I picked up contract jobs, I worked with her trying to answer 
the question that confounded me,

the question

What job would I love?

I’d been so many things in the tech world, Jack of all Trades. “Product Manager”, “Agile Coach”,
“Business Analyst”, “Consultant”, “UX”, “Scrum master.”

But where was my sweet spot? Where was my zone of genius??!

Who Was I?

My coach and I looked at a bunch of different roles.
Nothing ever resonated. For months.

Then came the worst day ever.

January 3, 2020.

Still, out of work, I wake up with a 106-degree fever. Then my boyfriend and I get into a dramatic
fight, and he packs in a hurry and moves out. It’s heart-crushing.

An hour later, I have a pre-scheduled appointment with my career coach.

“My boyfriend just left me. I have a very high fear… But I need to get a job right now and figure out
my life. Let’s get into this,” I say to her. “And I don’t love any of the jobs that we’ve been talking
about. None of them!”

My poor coach! She says, “Take a breath
and let’s have you visualize where you
imagine yourself in the future.”

All I can come up with is, “On a beach!”

The following day, looking out a window at a coffee shop,

I figure out what I want to do with my life!

I call my coach. “I want to help people like me, who don’t have a family, who are in a new country… I want to help them feel connected. I want to continue to be a coach, but I’m not sure which type of coaching.”

She responds, “Okay! There are three types of coaches; Relationship coaches, Career coaches, and Life coaches. Which one do you think is for you?”

“Well, definitely not a relationship coach!” I exclaim.

I wanted to be a career coach.

I felt helpless throughout my career; I felt like the companies I worked for determine my fate. I desired to help others know they could drive their career rather than let organizations determine it for them.

So I enrolled in a year-long career coaching certification course. And in April 2020, I got my first client.

My client was an immigrant from Nigeria. Recruiters were lowballing him with $75,000 offers, even though he’d been head of IT. Other career coaches were telling him he had to accept starting over with low pay. I thought differently.

I said, “That’s ridiculous. Go big! You deserve a six-figure salary. I don’t care what everyone else is saying!”

Because of coaching with me, he got a job making over 200k.

And I realized

career coaching IS MY SWEET SPOT!

Today, I leverage my 15 years in tech to help professionals build fulfilling
six-figure careers. I call the process, Unleashing Your Awesome. It’s more than a career search; it’s figuring out your sweet spot, your zone of genius – and maximizing your pay. I have served 100+ clients and already added my first employee. Most of my clients find me by referral.

When I quit in November 2018, I felt helpless and disempowered in the workplace.

Today, I’m working in my sweet spot and helping others find theirs.