November 2018, I text my boss, “I quit.”

35 years old. Female immigrant with a six-figure salary in tech. Leadership position at a top consulting firm. Great boss. And on my way to an executive position.

But I was unhappy. I felt empty, like a robot.

My parents groomed me for Straight A’s, prestigious schools, dedication to work, and corporate ladder climbing. I worked weekends; I worked till midnight. I traveled continuously for 15 years.

And truth be told, I didn’t understand the concept of enjoying my work or even my life.

But I started wanting more…

Why You Need To Treat Your
Career Like An Entrepreneur

Dear hidden gems & undiscovered leaders,

I know how tired you are on your job search.

You’ve adjusted your résumé to fit in as many keywords as possible and have sent COUNTLESS job applications.

Most of the time, you don’t hear back at all.

But even when you manage to get an interview…

Or even go through several rounds of interviews…

Wearing your absolute best…

Doing everything you’re told you’re supposed to be doing…

Each potential employer ghosts you worse than your last Tinder date, making you wait an excruciating amount of time before getting back to you, only to let you know, “We went with another candidate.”

After a while, you start thinking that maybe it’s time to settle.

Maybe you just don’t have enough experience right now.

Maybe you’re aiming too high.

Something’s got to give…

Either you take less money, take a role you don’t really want, or you become a slave to your job and kiss goodbye to your evenings and weekends… Right?


I’m Here To Tell You That You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Money,
Fulfillment, Or Your Personal Life To Get The Job Of Your Dreams

And I’m sorry you’ve been led to believe that.

I’m sorry you’ve been lied to about this and about everything you’re supposed to be doing to get that high-paying dream role.

The fact is, you’re more than capable of creating the career of your dreams.

All you gotta do is treat your career like an entrepreneur… instead of
an employee.

Crazy as that might sound!

First, you need to get clear on what you want and why you’re the best fit for that role.

Second, you need to create a captivating marketing campaign that brings recruiters to you.

Finally, you need to sell yourself as the obvious fit for the job… without coming across like a used car salesman.

That’s what I can help you do through my Career Transformational Program.

That’s what I can help you do through…

The Career Transformational


I’ll help you…

every interview I’ve been on I was the top candidate

“Since I began working with Nada, I have accepted a new position effectively doubling my salary. During our tenure together, I have received 3 separate offers in the banking, healthcare and the virtual software industries, every interview I’ve been on I was the top candidate and I am still being contacted multiple times a day by recruiters looking for scrum masters like me!
Brandon El (USA)
Scrum Master, USAA

Ready to land the career of your dreams?

Find Your Career Sweet Spot

My clients are multi-talented, creative, “jack of all trades”… Even if some of them don’t realize it or have forgotten it when they first come to me.

My approach helps you identify your Career Sweet Spot — the intersection between your natural talents, interests, and the high-paying role that aligns with both of these.

(Because, let’s face it, if you aren’t getting paid well, you won’t feel like you’re being fully appreciated.)

Knowing your Career Sweet Spot is what’ll help you fully understand AND embrace what makes you different and what you really want.

It doesn’t stop here. Finding your sweet spot is only the first step. Learn more about my 3-step process to landing your dream job.

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