Career Coaching Public Speaking

Grade 1, elementary school, I wet myself from anxiety backstage right before appearing in front of an audience. I wasn’t comfortable with public speaking. 

And I carried that fear with me during presentations, during conversations, and even INTERVIEWS.

It became a huge liability because I was uncomfortable doing it and cost me so many AMAZING opportunities.

I kept lying to myself as I was passed over for promotions by less qualified individuals who simply expressed themselves better than I did.

All the energy I was spending thinking about, being jealous of, envious of anybody else was energy that I was taking away from myself. Energy that I could have used to improve my public speaking muscle.

Once I shifted my perspective to realizing that expression is a tool I needed to be of service, I got out of my comfort zone and dedicated my time and energy to improve that asset.

In the past 6 months, I’ve spoken at 10+ events. My favourite one was at Scrum Alliance.

And my absolute favourite thing is helping people build their confidence to grow their career and land jobs they love by AMPLIFYING their public speaking muscle.

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