Every Master Was Once A Disaster

Imposter syndrome? Remember that every master was once a disaster. How do you overcome the DISASTER and become a MASTER? See more 👇

Po, from Kung Fu Panda was seen as a slob. But Po’s ability to embrace his unique fighting style made him beat his opponents. 🐼

His first interaction with any villain makes them believe the big fat panda can be no match for their strength or their kung fu skills…yet he defeats them because he uses LANGUAGE as his BIGGEST weapon to INFLUENCE his opponents into their own detriment. 🗡️

And that’s what I teach my clients. It’s not about being great at SQL, running a “stand-up” or building that hi-fi mock-up.

It’s about using LANGUAGE to INFLUENCE. You could be the most skilled person but if you’re unable to INFLUENCE you won’t achieve your goals or create CHANGE in an organization.

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