How I Lost 50% Of My Pancreas

Yes, this is a real photo of me taken by mom after my pancreatic surgery and it was all because of a job…If you are burning yourself out, I am BEGGING you to stop and read my story.

Over 11 years ago, I was working at a highly toxic environment. My boss posted my position without informing me. Happened 3 months after receiving an award for leading a successful software implementation…

😟 I was working 12 hour days across 3 timezones
😟 I was remote and had 0 social interaction (pre-pandemic)
😟 I experienced severe stomach pain I couldn’t explain


Navigating my career by parachuting and crashing from one job to another without a plan or concept of a “NORTH STAR” clearly wasn’t working.

I figured trial and error would be my best teacher and the concept of career coach was foreign to me.

I never shared this photo with anyone before. I’ve kept it in my archives to remind myself why life is short and everyone deserves a job they love:

😀 Where they feel appreciated
😀 Feel happy & fulfilled
😀 Are Respected as human beings

That is the REASON I take my career of helping people land jobs they love VERY VERY SERIOUSLY.

If you are or know someone in a harmful work situation, please understand there is HELP out there. DM me.

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