How I Coached The Unemployed As I Feared Unemployment

I had $0 in cash and no car. So I gave up my winter coat to keep my dog warm at a bus shelter. We were waiting across the emergency vet to be seen after he ruptured his disc.

That month I needed to pay $8K to save my dog’s life. I also did not know how I was going to pay my mortgage.

I never felt so alone in my life during that moment. And I had no where else to stay.

I was 6 months into starting my own practice as a career coach.

Clients were talking to me about interview rejections. Little did they know the rejection marathons I went through. Every. Single. Day.

Every inquiry from a client lasts 1.5 hours. At the end of it I would get a rejection. I went through 27 of those that month.

Sometimes I’d get hung up on. Other times I would be compared to a car wash service.

I felt uncomfortable “selling”. The whole point I got into this was to help people and I really didn’t like talking about myself.

But That day at the bus shelter was my turning point. The desire to save my dog pushed me to STOP CARING about REJECTIONS

Somehow, my prayers were answered and a $20K law suit settlement for a broken foot fell on my lap after 5 years of waiting.

I reinvested that $20K into working with sales coaches, branding coaches, business coaches, career coaches…all kinds of experts because I’m NEGATIVELY MOTIVATED.

I decided not only was I going to be GREAT at conveying my value and branding but I’m also going to TEACH people how to be GREAT at it.

And that’s how the DOCTOR FRAME TECHNIQUE I presented at the SCRUM ALLIANCE came to birth. Using that technique, I helped 70+ clients convert their interviews into offers.

The common mistake: thinking CEOs are great at interviews.
The truth: they become CEOs because they stop caring about rejections.

So my advice to you: STOP CARING ABOUT REJECTIONS and put yourself out there, just like I am doing right now.

And if you are looking for a framework that will help you convert your interviews into offers, send me a DM with the word “BRAVE”

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