Coaching Leadership Salary Negotiation

Why do some employers and recruiters guilt trip employees out of negotiating their salary when the ranges are kept a secret? The system is simply designed in such a way that if you don’t ask the employer ends up with a BARGAIN. A highly qualified professional at the LOWEST price possible.

So when I am asked whether to negotiate or not, my immediate answer is, unless they’ve disclosed their budget, you don’t want to be that person who joins and learns 2 years later over drinks that the person who joined yesterday makes $10K more than you do….just because you didn’t ask or knew that what they’ve offered is the BARE MINIMUM. True story: that happened to me years ago.

There is a strategy on how to negotiate without appearing aggressive, sales-y, or ungrateful. I coach my clients how to negotiate depending on their situation and they have been able to increase their salaries up to 70%….especially women. 

Stop feeling guilty. Money may not be the only thing that matters but it does matter.

Your salary should also not be determined based on having “North American” experience, your gender, or your race…

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