What Is Your Slimy Frog?

How do I get it all done? CEO of a start-up impacting 70+ community members, CEO of my household, speaker, volunteer mentor of 100+ professionals. I use the slimy frog principle. 🐸 See more👇

I identify the ONE thing I MUST complete that day no matter what comes my way. 🎯

✳️ It could be waking up early to work on that resume.

✳️ Create that presentation for a speaking event…or

✳️ Getting that prescription refill for my dog’s seizures.

📵 When I’m getting my slimy frog task done, I turn off my phone, I don’t talk to anyone until it’s done.

My slimy frog 🐸 for today was getting this post done because I wanted to share this productivity tool with you before you start your work week on Monday.

➡️What is your slimy frog? What can’t you put off? Comment below 😉

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